Research to the Marketplace

We do more than make molecules. We impact industry.

At the Benicewicz Group, we go far beyond the activities of traditional research groups.  By forming partnerships with private and public companies, we have been able to bring our research to the marketplace through a variety of applications.

The Benicewicz Group is nationally recognized for its fuel cell and polymer nanocomposite research.  Our success in bringing research to the marketplace has gained the attention of industry and resulted in partnerships with companies ranging from BASF to Dupont.

A few examples of our successes include:

1. The development of high temperature PBI membrane used in fuel cells and other electrochemical devices that do not require complex water management systems.

We strive to connect our basic research work to real world problems by working closely with companies who are leaders in their fields.

2. The creation of the core technology used by H2 Pump, a company that develops an electrochemical-based technology capable of pumping, purifying, and pressurizing hydrogen in a single “3-in-1” device.

3. The selection of the Benicewicz Group as the only academic group licensed to use DuPont’s core patents for RAFT technology.

Read our BASF and H2 Pump case studies to learn more about our industry partnerships.